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Eloqua marketing automation meets Facebook Ads

Engage Any Segment

Nurture leads through your marketing funnel with companion Facebook ads targeting any Eloqua segment.

Facebook Behavioral Marketing

Create real-time, event-triggered audiences within the Eloqua Campaign Canvas and deliver the right message to the right people across Facebook and it’s vast audience network.

Data-Driven Customer Prospecting

Craft lookalike audiences of high-value customers and engaged contacts and fill the top of your funnel.

Social Marketing Automation

As contacts are added to or removed from lists on Eloqua, GoChime updates your Facebook custom audiences in real-time.

With GoChime, you get:

  • Real-time list, segment and campaign audience synchronization between Eloqua and Facebook ads
  • Create and target unlimited US and international lookalike audiences to drive brand awareness
  • Effective, measurable results from Facebook's extensive audience reaching over 1.3 billion consumers
  • Drive, track, and optimize website traffic, customer engagement, signups and conversions to meet your business goals

Reach more customers with GoChime powered social ads.