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Your Customers Aren’t Reading Your Emails
We can help you fix that.

80% of email goes unopened. Using GoChime in conjunction with your email strategy increases your reach by 2-3x.

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3 Ways to Drive ROI


Know which messaging is going to be the most powerful before sending your next email marketing campaign - without burning your own list. For the people who do open your email, we help you put your best foot forward.


Increase reach and conversions on your list by 2-3x by targeting the customers that didn’t open your email. Simply connect your email marketing service provider or upload a CSV.


We make it easy to target audiences just like your list, but hundreds of times larger. Create Lookalike Audiences of high-performing segments and activate new customers and signups.

Securely Connect Your Contacts

One-Click Syncs

Universal Integrators

 Advanced CSV
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Sync and stream your first party data directly to Facebook
to power your social advertising strategy.