It's GoChime!

Location: New York, New York

GoChime is scanning the social web, looking for people in need. And when it finds those people, it helps people like them solve their problems. We're building a crowd of experts and brand loyalists that will change the way the web works. Ever wish you didn't have to search for answers to your problems on Google or another search engine? If you've already mentioned you need help with a service or product on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere on the web, why should you have to ask the web again?

We believe you should never have to ask twice. And, we're looking for some of the smartest brains among the brightest bunch to make sure you don't.

GoChime is looking for multi-talented devs to join our small, but growing team. We're looking for software engineers with 3+ years experience building web apps with Rails or major web development frameworks.

Our system is ground-up Node.js, but we're happy to use whatever tool is right for any particular problem. We want developer athletes and those who apply insights from myriad languages and toolsets to whatever they're working on. If you think your GitHub project listing is your resume and you steal code insight from Spring, Rails, and Symfony2 just so you can implement something glorious using Connect, then we want you.

You have:

  • Experience with full-stack web development, including frontend, rest api's, web backend, database
  • You're a metrics and a data-head. We're basing our business on data, lean and mean. Why pivot on an anecdote when you can crush on data?
  • Your inner nerdiness is either hidden 007 style or shouted from rooftops beneath a hoodie, but you're still charged to help us lower our current 49 second time to drink a "boot" of beer.
  • You have experience on fast-paced teams with at least some of the following technologies: Rails, Node.js, Java, MongoDb, Redis, Heroku, AWS, RabbitMQ, messaging based systems, analytics systems.
  • If you also have a talent for feng shui or Ikebana and can roll CSS3 based beauty like the steady hand of a samuri, then we'll build you a zen garden.
  • You've played the startup game before, or you're so ready for the entrepreneurial life you just can't hold back anymore. We work hard and we learn a lot by pushing ourselves and wearing all the hats at once.
  • You want to help people. We're here to make people happy, and our customers are already thanking us. We want the right minds to dive in and help us turn things up to eleven!

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